What we provide

Our best skill is the incredible spirit that we share. We always look for the best solution for each client and situation.

Affiliate Marketing consultancy

We have been acting into the Affiliate Marketing from every perspective. We have been Affiliates, we have been Merchants and worked in 2 Affiliate Network. It is very difficult to have such a deep knowledge of the Affiliate Networks. We know who and how they commit fraud and we know how to lessen them to zero. We know which affiliates are right in what Affiliate Network and for which ecommerce. Shortly, we can easily clean-up and improve any existing Affiliate Program or create one from scratch.

  • Affiliate cleaning
  • Frauds reducing
  • Pay-per-performance Philosophy
  • Deduplication system
  • Knowledge of each and every Affiliate Network
  • Create your own Affiliate Network
  • Manage the network and the Affiliates for you
  • Actively recruit Affiliate
  • Direct contacts with Premium Affiliates
  • Sales improving


Email filters are building up and many players can not keep up, simply because THEY ARE SPAM. We build our database thinking about the final user, the receiver of the promotional material. And we always, always respect his privacy, even more than international laws can request. For this reason our DEM services can still deliver incredible quality of users, without incurring in any problem with complaint. This just does not happen if you treat your users with respect.

  • 2 Million double opt-in in Indonesia
  • 250 Thousands double opt-in in Singapore
  • 500 Thousands double opt-in in Malaysia
  • Check and improve your creatives
  • Optimized Delivery
  • Report with Openings, Clicks
  • We accept CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA
  • Optimized for Mobile
  • Own tecnology, Own servers
  • Clean IPs, Clean sending domains


We have more than 8 years' experience in developing E-commerce from scratch or re-structuring them for usability and performance improvement. We dealt with the vast majority of Payment and Shipping Providers, and CMS. We are particularly focused on Magento and Prestashop customization but can work on any platform, open or proprietary.
Our services do not stop on delivering or optimizing an E-Commerce. We are able to support you on getting the first sales via Digital Marketing campaigns, on Search Engines, Social Network, Affiliate Network etc.

  • Magento developers in-house
  • Prestashop developers in-house
  • Any Payment Provider
  • Any Shipping Provider
  • Our hosting or your hosting
  • Bring Sales with Digital Marketing
  • Manage Affiliate Network
  • Manage Social Presence
  • Optimization of conversions
  • Database building

Lead Generation

Lead Generation does not only mean being able to bring numbers, but being able to find the right channel to bring interested leads. Many business invest money in "premium channels" that are only expensive because it costs a lot to use them but they do not deliver what the clien really needs. We do not accept our client to define where we have to invest to bring leads. Once we know our client necessities WE find the best channel for him and together we choose where to invest. Facebook can be the big deal, but is not probably the good place to start a campaign for someone who sells iron structures for construction, is it?

  • Deep pre-campaign analisys
  • Target audience definition
  • Channel selection
  • Definition of Minimum significant number of lead
  • Fastest-as-possible delivery
  • Social Network
  • Email Marketing
  • Incentivized Traffic
  • SEM
  • Co-Registration and Co-Sponsoring

Mobile Development, Promotion and Management

Our focus on Marketing could not finish on Web Applications. Since the beginning of the Smartphone era, we have been so curious that we invested our own capital on every new mobile trend so that we could really appreciate and understand what works and what does not. So, if we say that a channel is not right for promoting a particular type of App, we did not read that on any Guru-created blog. We tried that and it did not perform well. With this approach in mind we are able to deliver real performances, real users and real installs to your applications.

  • Mobile development support
  • Mobile applications analysis
  • Interface suggestions and development
  • Social presence of the App
  • Cross-Device, Cross-platform improvement
  • Marketing campaigns CPC, CPD or CPI
  • Consultancy on setting up tracking
  • Tracking for in-app events
  • Social, DEM, SEM, Display campaigns
  • Incentivized channels control

Analytics consultancy

We personally partecipated on the early development of one of the most advanced Analytics tool for Websites and Mobile Applications: the Trackset suite. Due to our knowledge on the matter we have a unique understanding of the importance of the metrics for any type of business: from E-Commerce to Mobile Apps, from company Intranets to Home Banking, and so on. We provide highly qualified consultancy with the target to find problems or improve performance. We are able to assist with existing Analytics softwares (free or professional) and the installation and configuration of a new tool. Of course, for Enterprises, we highly reccomend the professional tools offered by Trackset, of which we are the only authorized seller in the whole APAC region.

  • Analytics consultancy
  • Configuration of any Analytics product
  • Use of Analytics data to find problems
  • Use of data to improve performance
  • Funnel Analysis setup
  • APAC reseller of Trackset ConversionLab
  • APAC reseller of Trackset VisualPath
  • APAC reseller of Trackset MobileTracking
  • Installation of Analytics platform
  • Report and Presentations to Management


We are exclusive partner for the APAC region of Softec S.p.a., the crcompany behind the Mobile Application Manager and Mobile Device Management tool DesktopMate. DesktopMate is an exclusive platform for managing large scale development of Mobile Applications and their customer base. The idea behind the project is to give Enterprise clients an advanced, unique tool to manage the customer base of multiple mobile apps on multiple platforms in one single, targettable cluster (MAM). This is especially important for those corporations that release multiple applications and need to perform marketing promotions or analysis on the whole customer base.

Moreover DesktopMate is a fully functional Mobile Device Management, able to provide any company with advanced tools to manage their employee devices, without invading their privacy. With a single installed application the Company will be able to keep in touch with employees, create profiles, install applications on the device and check application usage.

  • Mobile Application Manager
  • Treat multiple apps as one single container
  • Cross-platform, Cross-device targeting
  • Single Sign-on
  • Full Analytics reports
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Remote application installation
  • Applications usage and stats
  • Configuration automatization
  • Single Sign-on

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