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What has led us here

We started within one country. Our business was mostly local; though, our thoughts could hardly be confined. Thus, we extended our work over the digital and physical borders by building projects that could satisfy users within different nations of an entire continent. What about now? We want to go World Wide. With this aim in our minds, in 2014 we founded our new-co in Singapore, keen to find new horizons in the APAC region.

Our company is strong, flexible and with a strong know-how gained with time, diversification and humility. Only who is completely devoted to reaching results, growing as the projects grow and letting oneself be surprised by the users can reach the dreamland. The success of our business is based on the relationships we create with this kind of people. For this reason, we prefer working with partners and nor clients because we believe that only partners can be invested as much as you are. 99% of our contracts are performance-based; in other words we are remunerated on results-based achievement and revenue share.

We always try and experiment with the latest technologies, marketing possibilities and incorporating back life experiences into what we do.

Our philosophy

If we do not add real value to our clients, we fail in every possible way.
If you fear to work with a pay-per-performance approach, it means you are not able to respect your promises.

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Sabrina Stefani


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Andrea Olivato

Managing Director

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Nicholas Poole

Head of Sales

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Michelle Li

Head of Support

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Farah Wan

Project Manager

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Darren Tan

Account Manager

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Tian Cheng

R & D

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Rizki Tengku

Customer Care

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Our 14yo biggest fan & mascotte

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